Key Facial Recognition Technology Innovations identifying and verifying a person

A facial recognition technology is a system capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.
 No debit cards or credit cards. Identity Cards and Unique Numbers are not required to be shown.
If you see enough! Put on a laugh! Whether you want to shop, buy a movie ticket, eat at a hotel, throw a simple smile, Just you've paid bill! Your password is your face at the airport and at the bank.

This is the amazing knowledge and technology innovations? If you go forward, you will see the eyes of the cameras in the world. Whether you want to leave the country without a proper basis, whether you are sleeping in the office, driving, or not car driving, your face arrests you.

Facial Recognition system is the latest revolution. However, lack of privacy is one of our biggest challenges, such as the Privacy Crisis model.
Face Recognition camera detects nodal points, with the nose, lips, eyebrows, chin, and other curves of the face as the focal points
Railway stations, bus stands, airports, road intersections are constantly crowded. Who's good in those crowded areas? Who are the criminals, who are the victims? The most difficult and impossible to find today! But the facial recognition algorithm process that works with artificial intelligence makes that task easier.

Thousands of millions, remembering to be the culprits of the target. The culprits are not identified having phone with them or related proofs. Their facial expressions are bound to them. To know more about, What is the Key Facial Recognition Technology?

How Facial Recognition Technology Works?

With the help of facial recognition cameras, we scan the face in different postures, just as we scan fingerprints. The Face Recognition camera detects nodal points, with the nose, lips, eyebrows, chin, and other curves of the face as the focal points. Our face print is based on more than 80 points.

Adding the age, sex, country, and other social details of the images to these images can remind them wherever they are. Today's update, we have been looking at how to use this technology, which is limited to the likes of Facebook and Phone Unlock, all over the world.

Facial Recognition Cameras for Home Security

These artificial intelligence-enabled home security camera with face recognition have already been installed for homes and offices in the United States of America. This outdoor facial recognition camera alerts you when any strangers entered in your home premises.

Many of American resident are installing these home surveillance camera with face recognition and searching Online for the best security cameras with face detection and recognition available at affordable prices.

China Facial Recognition Social Credit Score

The highly populated China is increasingly using the Facial Recognition system to reduce crime and increase security for its citizens. Over 40 crore cameras are set to be installed across the country next year.

Face Recognition network cameras monitor the citizen's actions by comparing them with the data they have. Different cases record the behavior of the citizens. The government will give citizens a China Social Credit score number based on the details provided by the camera.

The Facial Recognition Social Credit Score aims to increase goodwill among citizens. Surveillance of these cameras, including cafes, restaurants and even public toilets. If someone wants to use the toilet paper beyond the limit, they have to turn the face once. If they proved guilty, marks them as a bad citizen.

Cameras with Face Recognition to avoid Accidents: 

Japan's startup companies have created some apps with the help of Facial Recognition camera app alert motorists to sleeplessness and reckless driving. The introduction of these Mobile face recognition app features in newer SUV vehicles takes care to avoid accidents.

The Japanese government is looking at using the Face Recognition policy to use ID cards to prevent players, spectators, and non-license from entering the field during the upcoming Olympics.

Facial recognition Health Cameras diagnose Diseases:

The Face recognition system is effective in reducing the time it takes to diagnose genetic diseases. Collect images of people with genetic diseases and take them as sample pictures. Facial recognition health Cameras that work with artificial intelligence are relatively easy to diagnose genetic health problems.

Facial Recognition Software Cameras Police vehicles:

FR cameras fitted to police vehicles. If someone is a criminal in the neighborhood, they will compare that information with what they already have and report it to the police. If there is a large number of criminals in one place, there is a possibility that the crime will be there.

FR Camera Software for Preventing Human Trafficking:

Human Trafficking, Harassment of Girls, Missing Cases for women and children. Some startup companies are attempting to effectively block them with face recognition. The missing girl can be found online or anywhere in the world by collecting a photo or video and making a face print.

There are attempts to lightly intercept FR when moving from one country to another or from one region to another. Our country has already won some Missing Cases through this Face Recognition System for missing children and women. This technology tackles all the combats child trafficking.

These FR cameras are constantly reviewed by people in the workplace if they sleep at work. Emotions and facial expressions are constantly observed in employees, such as sleep, happiness and fatigue. Some companies are even making devices to keep people from falling asleep.

Face Recognition Technology Privacy Issues?:

Where we are moving one place to somewhere? With whom we spoke. These are the cameras that our relatives and all our friends admire. Finally we also calculate the number of times we use public toilets.

Does scanning and spying on us without our permission destroys our privacy and threatens basic privacy? Do companies use such data for good or do we have any problems? Without our prior permission collecting our scanned data or collecting this data from somewhere?

These are all questions raises in-front of you. Since there is no full information on these matters, it is best to be cautious about not recording every case on social media or sharing confidential data.
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