Whatsapp Warning message: These Mistakes Will Close Your account Try to avoid

Whatsapp Warning message for mobile users to protect account and Security issues in Whatsapp have also been tightened. 

 With Whatsapp Warning message your account is likely to be banned even if it is a little awkward. So there are things you can not do, to protect your account.

Whatsapp Warning message: These Mistakes Will Close Your account Try to avoid

Just focus on Whatsapp warning message and to protect your account

  • Sending hundreds of huge file messages within seconds, Forwarding Bulk Messages, Audios, Videos, e-messages etc.
  • Creating spam groups within minutes
  • Adding hundreds of contact numbers in groups at once
  • Sharing other website or any promotional links
  • Writing or targeting other person with negative feedback through account
  • Represent, suspicious, criminal motivated messages, videos, e-message sharing
  • Sharing of malware links to hack Whatsapp server
  • Trying to change the Whatsapp code
  • Wrong information sharing when creating an account
  • Change account numbers frequently
  • Often such tasks are likely to cause Whatsapp account to be banned.
  • Your account may be banned temporarily depending on the severity of the WhatsApp privacy policy violation.
  • A warning message will be forwarded to you in this regard. If you violate the terms and conditions of Whatsapp after getting out of it, your account will be closed.
  • The company have right to scrap your account without any prior warning or intimation.
  • This condition is already mentioned in the Whatsapp terms and conditions.
  • At the time of account creation this Terms and conditions will be displayed for agreement of usage of whatsapp account.

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